Stagent & Artwin forge powerful joint venture for the future of bookings

Haarlem, September 20, 2023

Stagent, the technological pioneer in state-of-the-art software, and the seasoned market leader Artwin Software announced today their robust collaboration; a joint venture set to redefine the standard in the booking industry for artists, DJs, and speakers. In this strategic alliance, they combine over two decades of experience with advanced technological expertise. A recently secured investment not only consolidates their position in the Netherlands but also paves the way for expansion abroad.

Stagent and Artwin's Combined Expertise and Innovation

Mischa Sigtermans, founder of Stagent and a DJ himself, understands the vital importance of efficient booking tools. "Stagent was born out of the need to move beyond spreadsheets and to provide truly innovative solutions in this sector," says Mischa. With a platform operable on every device, Stagent features its own contract-signing software, integrated press kits, and an invoicing system that supports digital payments. By innovating in advancing – coordinating both the technical and logistical details of a booking – Stagent aims to optimize industry software and streamline this process.

On the other hand, there's Artwin Software, a market leader in the Netherlands for artist agencies for years. Renowned names like Jan Vis, BENZ agency, Your Agency, and Viking Entertainment have been loyal Artwin clients for over a decade, attesting to their reliability and expertise. Marlon de Graaf from Artwin emphasized the added value for their clients: "With this joint venture, our clients will have access to Stagent's innovative platform. Our longstanding relationships with industry leaders like Jan Vis and Viking Entertainment will now benefit from this enhanced technological capability."

Pablo from BENZ agency reacted enthusiastically:

As a long-term Artwin client, we eagerly anticipate this new phase. The power of Stagent's technology combined with Artwin's reliability holds great promise.

Vision Amplified by Data and Ambitions

With impressive growth figures over the past three years – an annual growth rate of 70% for Stagent and 45% for Artwin – the horizon looks bright. By joining forces, the companies anticipate a combined growth of 65% over the next two years and a joint market share of a significant majority in the Dutch booking market.

This ambitious trajectory is backed by significant investment, aiming to further enhance their industry footprint. "This smart money injection allows us to further develop and adapt our technology and services to our clients' dynamic needs," Marlon stated. Their combined client base is now also significant; together, they serve over 250 booking offices and artist agencies worldwide, with more than 150 located in the Netherlands.

Looking Toward the Horizon

The transition period is set to be seamless, with existing Artwin users gradually migrating to Stagent. This transition is designed to be efficient and smooth, with ongoing support for all clients.

A vivid example of their collaboration's impact is the case of Belgian booking agency Next In Line. Since transitioning to Stagent, they have cut their administration time in half and the team operates more efficiently.

Within their future roadmap is also the strategic ambition to acquire other software platforms in the next three years, enabling them to further expand their service offerings and market share, and serve a broader range of clients from headline festival bands and DJs to emerging local talents.

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