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In the dynamic world of the music industry, artists & their teams face new logistical challenges each day. This global industry never sleeps, and the need to be well organized and prepared to handle the unknown becomes more critical each day. The ever-changing music world poses a challenge to artists and their teams, who can get easily overwhelmed. This is where Stagent comes in. Stagent is an all-in-one solution for the artist, their booking agency, and their management.

The platform combines information about bookings with travel itineraries into one place, giving the artist a smooth and streamlined experience when they are on the road. Booking agencies can use Stagent to send & sign their contracts, providing easy access to everything like riders and specific conditions for each show. If flights get delayed, or if they have to change, Stagent’s automated itineraries update automatically, guiding the artist and their tour manager to the next location instead of adding more stress to the already stressful tour life.

The dashboard’s intuitive layout gives every user easy access to the information they need to get their job done right. By keeping bookings and information in one central and organized place, artists and their teams can focus on more important things while everything is smoothly taken care of in the background. Artists can focus on their music, tour managers can focus on the situation on the ground, and their managers can focus on creating value for the artist in new ways. Meanwhile, agencies can handle their bookings in an efficient yet paperless and eco-friendly manner. These are the first of many features that Stagent will incorporate into its platform.

Stagent offers two types of accounts - artist accounts and agency accounts. An artist account is perfect for an artist who works closely with a small team that wants to take their team to the next level. It doesn’t matter if you are an artist that is currently touring the world or if you are just getting introduced to the challenges of managing your tour schedule - Stagent works for any artist who needs to optimize their team’s workflow, or for artists without teams who just want to stay organized themselves.

An agency account is for companies that work with multiple artists and that need to keep track of several projects at once. With an agency account, you can create several artist accounts and work with them simultaneously. Stagent will work directly with feedback from artists and booking agencies to maximize the user experience and to create the most comprehensive and functional platform available for booking agencies and all their artist related tasks.

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