Stagent is packed with features

Below you'll find every feature that Stagent has to offer. Some of them are coming soon. Missing something? Feel free to reach out to us to see what we can do for you or how we might solve your problems and improve your workflow.

Analytics & insights

Track team-wide statistics and finances based on artists, agents, custom fields and filters.


Easily integrate Stagent with over 5.000 apps and tools with Zapier.

Mobile Apps

Bring Stagent on the go with our apps, available on iOS and Android, including push notifications.

Online Payments

Let clients pay their invoice online with Stripe Connect.

Tour Schedule

Stay on top of the game with a real-time tour schedule, accessible from the web and apps.


Have contracts signed in minutes with our own eSignature software, including audit trails.

Custom Roles coming soon

Control the right access for every team member with custom roles and permissions.

Multi-bookings agency

Manage multiple artists' bookings within the same event and combine them within the same contract and invoice.

Address Autocomplete

Find and complete any address with Google Places Autocomplete.


Add availability or block certain dates on any artists' calendar.

Calender Integration

Easily add all bookings (and optionally itinerary items) to your Apple or Google Calendar.

Companies & Contacts

Manage all your clients from one single view.

Contract templates

Add unlimited contract templates with language support to generate contracts.

Contracts Dashboard

A birds-eye view of all your contracts including filters and bulk options for eg. sending reminders.

Credit Notes

Generate credit notes on the fly. Stagent let's you know when this is necessary.


Work with different currencies, and set default currencies for each of your clients.

Custom Document Names

Change the name for your invoices and contracts to your liking.

Custom Fields

Add custom fields to artists, events, bookings, contacts or companies to your liking.


Upload documents like riders, or press kits, and attach them to contracts.

Event Setup

A nifty little to-do list per event helps you get things done.

Extended Search

Search within your full database and find what you're looking for with ease.


Filter throughout the platform, based on booking status, artist, or even custom fields.

Flight Lookup

Look up any flight based on a flight number and date, we find all the rest and update all the fields.

In The Night

Bookings that happen during the night are automatically marked as an 'In The Night' booking.

Invoice Dashboard

A birds-eye view of all your invoices including filters and bulk options for eg. sending reminders.


Add flights, accommodation, pickups or other appointments like meet & greets or soundchecks.

Manage Contracts

Generate, send and manage contracts. Attach unlimited documents (eg. riders) to a contract.

Manage Expenses

Keep track of expenses and additional costs like flights, and bill them to your client.

Manage Invoices

Generate, send and manage invoices. Keep track of payments and send automatic reminders.


Stagent works on every browser, mobile, tablet and desktop.

Press Kits

Forget those old zip files. Build and share press kits with Stagent.

Push notifications

Stay up to date with push notifications for iOS and Android.

Sell As Show

Group all bookings within an event under one show name.


Set different tax percentages, based on your client's country.

Team management

Add unlimited team members with their own roles. Each team has its own team members.


Stagent has extensive timezone support so that the tour schedule is always displaying times correctly.

Website Widget

Add a booking request widget to your website with just one line of code.

Manage full roster agency

Invite all your artists, they can use Stagent for free.

Share Documents agency

Share event-related documents like briefings or parking tickets with your artists.

Statements new

Generate monthly, quarterly or yearly statements based on artists, agents or custom fields.

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