The team behind the future of artist management

The story behind Stagent

Back in 2015, Stagent’s founder, Mischa, ran a booking agency for local DJs in his area. He quickly realized that agencies and artists were unhappy with existing artist management software solutions, and that they needed to be improved and reinvented. His experiences in the industry back then led him down the path to realizing a vision where bookings can be taken care of easily with the right software, and where artists and their agencies can put their focus on what really matters to them. Now, that vision is becoming a reality.

Creating the next artist management software is not an easy task, and requires the right team to make sure Stagent’s full potential is realized. Thus, Mischa’s next step was to assemble a diverse team of music industry and tech experts to make Stagent a reality. After several months of development and consultation with various stakeholders, Stagent’s beta went live on the 29th of June, 2021.

Stagent’s goal is simple - we want to help you make your job as an artist or a manager as easy as possible. We reduce all the unnecessary mistakes made by accident when it comes to handling bookings by keeping you organized and ready to rock. The music world is a tough and competitive place. By trusting us to take care of your busy work, you’ll be able to work on your projects and start new ones with the energy that they deserve.

Our dedicated team

Diederik Visser

Account Manager

Marijke Wesseling


Mischa Sigtermans

Founder | CEO

Dan Harrin


Vincent Rikkers

Art Director

Verena Reiter

Online Marketeer

Alan Mandel


Lars Klopstra


Kirill Emelyanov

3D Designer

Syed Shahbaz

App Developer

Lennert den Teuling

Investor | Advisor

Tim Moser

Investor | Advisor

Stefan Kluppenegger

Investor | Advisor

Bram van Dam


Remco Wolvenne



“The music industry can be a chaotic place, and we want to bring some consistent quality to those that have to work with stressful touring schedules."

Mischa Sigtermans

Founder | CEO

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