Feature highlight: Send your invoices and receive the payments in Stagent

Stagent is your one-stop shop for all your artist management needs. Being an artist or an artist manager isn’t an easy job, and keeping track of finances in an organized way while touring requires a lot of brainpower. In addition to the needed brainpower, bookings must be handled with the utmost accuracy, leaving even the most experienced booking agents open to occasional human error. One of the most essential parts of artist management is staying consistently organized, and Stagent is here to help you do just that!

So, how exactly can Stagent help you and your team reach peak efficiency? Let’s dive into Stagent’s invoicing and payment features to see how they can help!

When you use Stagent, you’ll be able to generate booking contracts and send them within the platform. Promoters can then sign the contract directly within Stagent, which automatically organizes your documents in a way so that you can find them whenever you need, quickly and with ease. No more searching your email or hard drive for saved contracts from the past - Stagent has you covered. Welcome to a new way of handling your bookings!

Stagent’s state-of-the-art platform also allows you to receive your payments within the platform. Promoters will be able to pay and handle the entire payment within the platform, giving both parties a clear overview of what’s going on, when payments are due, and if they have been paid. With this increased level of clarity and a

If you use Stagent, you’ll be sure that you’re using software by a team that is devoted to making your life easier and more efficient. Stagent is proud to be on the front lines and shape the future of artist management. We want to make the experience of booking artists seamless, and we’re thankful to have you along for the ride!

The Stagent platform is live! Sparked your interest? Head over to the pricing page to find a plan that fits your needs and start a 30-day free trial or request a demo.

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