All about our partnership with Frontrow (Interview)

To ensure that Stagent is the ultimate booking & artist management solution for years to come, we are developing some strategic partnerships with other innovative and forward thinking companies in the music sector. One of those companies is Frontrow, founded by event veteran Ibo Orgut. Frontrow aspires to make the festival experience seamless and simple with its white label app. So, how are our two platforms compatible with each other, and what will the future look like? We sat down with Ibo to discuss the integration and what his vision is for the two.

How does Frontrow relate to Stagent?

"Frontrow & Stagent are both software and applications for music festivals, but with different user bases. In a festival context, Frontrow is designed to be used by the visitor, and Stagent is designed to be used by the artist. However, some features overlap, as artists occasionally have to use the same festival facilities as visitors. This is where the integration between our two platforms comes in."

What made you decide to work with Stagent?

"As Frontrow, we want the integration to happen because, with Stagent, among other services such as See Tickets & EVI, we can create a 365 solution for everyone on the festival terrain, from visitor to guest to worker to artists and their teams, hosting partners, and beyond. The idea is for the integration to handle the needs of a music festival comprehensively."

How will Stagent and Frontrow be compatible together?

"Since Frontrow will be used for festival access, Stagent will directly import information into Frontrow for every artist. Riders, set locations, times, and other relevant information to the performance will be easily accessible for everyone who needs it. From Coronavirus tests to the smallest details on riders, Frontrow and Stagent have you covered."

What does integration mean for artists and their teams?

"An example of the integration of the two platforms would be as so:

An artist arrives at a festival with their team. Since the festival uses both Frontrow and Stagent, all the agreed on rider points are imported into the apps. This means that if an artist has a parking spot arranged, the parking ticket will be available within the Stagent app (through our Frontrow SDK) and scanned by the parking lot staff. The artist and their team then arrive at the check-in area. However, since their credentials are already pre-sorted, all they have to do is scan their way into the event. Artist hospitality receives a convenient alert so they know a specific artist arrived.

On the festival ground, if the artist wants to leave the artist lounge and explore the festival terrain, whichever agreed-upon amount of pre-allocated tokens will be available within the Stagent app so that the artist can buy refreshments outside of their designated areas. The same also applies to food, lockers, or other elements of the festival's internal economy and features.

Each credential is specific to an artist, meaning that everyone has a form of restricted access. Let's imagine our artist is performing on the mainstage from 20:00 to 21:00. The promoter could restrict their access to the mainstage from 19:30 to 21:30, ensuring the backstage doesn't get swamped with people instead of directing everyone to the artist area, which requires another QR code. Access can also be granted to artist’s guests and teams, ensuring that groups stay together during the show. If an artist has a meal or drinks on their rider, they can also get those with the app in the artist lounge."

What does this mean for the future?

"Ultimately, all Stagent users can expect full compatibility in the festival landscape with Frontrow, making for a much more convenient festival for everyone involved. When an event or festival uses Frontrow, the Stagent app will support Frontrow natively. The vision is for a complete, 365 solution for everyone at the festival, from start to end."

The Stagent platform is live! Sparked your interest? Head over to the pricing page to find a plan that fits your needs and start a 30-day free trial or request a demo.

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