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Handling booking expenses has never been easier​

It’s never been a better time to start using Stagent with this sizzling-hot new feature update, designed to make your life comfortable and work trouble-free. Let's dive straight in:

We expanded the finance page to include expenses for itinerary items, such as taxis, flights or hotels, and to specify who’s responsible for handling and paying for these. With a clear overview that lists all your expenses per individual artist, communication will become a lot more streamlined and your head cloud-free.

Leave no stone unturned; efficiently add custom expenses to your booking and indicate for which artist the expense is required.

Say: 'Goodbye' to overlapping bookings and other new features ​

Stagent is now able to notify you if key parts of your booking are unfinished, like if the showtime is missing or overlapping with another booking.

Agency teams can now easily generate specific calendar URLs for their individual artists; Send the URL to your artist so they can use it to subscribe to their favorite calendar software and view their bookings directly from their phone or laptop, carefree.

Finally, we always appreciate feedback and listen to our users; It's now possible for agencies to control if their artists can view their booking finances.

What are you waiting for? Dive straight into Stagent and start to effortlessly manage your day-to-day tasks with our uncomplicated and straightforward platform.

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