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How to grow your artist social media

Alan Mandel

· 4 mins read

Starting up a new social media account for your artist brand is always a daunting task. Beginning at zero followers is certainly intimidating, and the slow initial growth is definitely demotivating.

What can you do to pass the hurdles of starting a new social media account so that you can start building a thriving and healthy community? It actually isn't that complex once you wrap your head around it. All it takes is some consistency, dedication, and foresight. Want to learn more? Keep on reading!

Consistent Content 

The most important element you will need to nail when starting your brand is consistent quality. If you post regularly, and if you have quality content building a base of followers shouldn’t be too difficult. For this reason, it’s important to plan out what you will post for the next few months and make sure you don’t run out of content. 

Before you start your channel, make sure that you have several tracks ready to push, as well as a selection of pictures from a photoshoot, gigs, and other interesting items. Planning this content out over time will save you  lot of hassle, and will keep you front and center regularly in the minds of your new followers. 

Engage with your audience

While it may seem a bit cheesy to reply to every comment, this is undoubtedly a great strategy to grow your socials initially. People follow artists and accounts not just for music, but for a chance to interact with the artist and engage with their work. For that reason, even replying an emoji to someone who leaves a nice comment can go a long way. 

Obviously, you can’t do this forever, especially once your account really starts to take off, but this is something that you should absolutely do when starting out your account before it starts to build momentum on its own. 

Keep the big picture in mind

When people discover your profile, odds are they will stalk you for a bit and check out what the past few months have been like. For that reason, it’s critical to remember that every post will be seen even after it goes up, and that they are all part of a story that you write every day. Keep this in mind when writing your captions and planning your content - for newcomers to your brand, the big picture is even more important than the individual performance of each post!

Get in touch with larger accounts

Of course, the classic way to grow your accounts fast is to get in touch with big influencers and have them promote your accounts. This isn’t always a realistic option, but the same concept applies within your community and any large account. Work with others who already have a similar following to the one you want, and see if there is a way for both of you to mutually benefit each other through social media.

Be wise with advertising

While advertising can be very useful, it can also be very expensive and inefficient  if you don’t use it right. For that reason, it’s best to avoid spending money on ads until you know what you are doing, and that your ads are working properly. Take some time to watch some tutorials about the ad platform of your choice, and be wise with your spending. Always start small, and gague your performance as your channels grow. 

With these simple tips, you’ll be on your way to getting a community of your own in no time. Just remember - it’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon. Good things take time and social media is no exception. Be wise, consistent, and don’t be too hard on yourself. You’ll do just fine!

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How to grow your artist social media

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