Spotify playlists - an invaluable asset for the modern artist

As an artist, you’ve undoubtedly found out by now that almost all the action happens on Spotify. Coincidentally, Spotify is one of the hardest platforms to get a head start on. So, what’s the plan for an artist who’s just getting their following going on Spotify?

Of course, getting support by major playlists can help you grow. However, you can take some of that growth into your own hands by creating your own Spotify playlist. A Spotify playlist is a powerful marketing tool, and it can also be a great way to meet other artists and get your music supported on their playlists. For an artist in the year 2021, a good Spotify playlist is an invaluable asset.

If you want your playlist to stand out, you’ll need to come up with a new catchy name and artwork. Take some time to think about the direction you want to take with it. Come up with a nice description full of keywords, and make sure it looks like for everyone who finds it.

After you populate the playlist, it's time to start getting followers!

There are a lot of ways to promote and populate your Spotify playlist (besides posting it on your own socials, but that’s a no brainer). A great solution that doesn’t cost much is to use a download gate which requires people to follow you on Spotify and follow the playlist. If you have a track you’ve wanted to give out, upload it to a service like Hyppedit, and let the followers trickle in over time. Check out our full guide on download gates here.

Advertising your Spotify playlist is also an option. While it can get expensive, it’s possible to get several followers a day from well targeted advertising on places like Instagram stories. If you want your ads to work, make sure your branding and targeting is on point, and that you have a set budget you spend every day. You won’t get a lot of followers overnight, but over time, this strategy certainly has its benefits.

After you get a few followers, it’s time to start promoting your playlist to the artists you feature in it. Start making Instagram stories and tag the artists you feature. You never know who may reply or repost, so keep at it and let artists know you’re supporting their music! Don’t be shy to keep supporting artists and reaching out.

The more effort you put into your Spotify playlist, the more you’ll be able to use it as a tool, eventually growing streams for you and others.

To keep the playlist fresh, update it once a week with new music. A good way to organize regular updates is to make a private playlist with a lot of tracks, and to select new ones from it for your playlist every week. That way, your audience has new music every week, and a reason to come back more!

After a while, you’ll start to see your playlist get some live in your Spotify for Artists. Keep paying attention and adjusting your strategy as you see fit, and you’re well on your way to owning a valuable personalized promo tool which can serve you for years to come!

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