10 reasons why artists should use our platform

If you’re an artist, staying organized and on track can be one of the biggest challenges you face. In a dynamic industry with many changes happening all the time, it’s essential to make sure that you’re able to make decisions on the go and to have all your information easily accessible. You can do all this and more by using artist management software like Stagent to manage your bookings. Here’s our list of 10 reasons that you need to start using Stagent as an artist.

1. All your gigs in one easy to access place

As an artist using Stagent, you’ll be able to see your upcoming schedule, as well as fees and show details, all in one place. Stagent's intuitive and easy to use layout will guide you through your tour schedule effortlessly, allowing you to devote more brainpower to preparing for shows instead of constantly searching for documents. No more looking through piles of paper or endless folders on your computer, everything is already right where you need it.

2. Improve the communication between you and your team

By using Stagent, your entire team can work in one centralized platform. From booking agents and tour managers, each member of your team will have easy access to the information they need, thus streamlining the entire process. Everyone that matters has what matters to them.

3. Automated travel itineraries keep you up to date on the road‍

Travel always adds significant stress to an already busy schedule. Stagent takes away some of that stress by automating all itineraries. If flights change or get delayed, Stagent automatically updates your itinerary, easily guiding you to your next destination instead of giving you a massive hassle to deal with while on the road.

4. See how much you earn in one place

Calculating how much you actually make from a show can be challenging if you don’t have the right tools. Stagent makes this easy, allowing you to see exactly how much you make from each show and where the money goes. No more confusing spreadsheets!

5. Get organized

It’s much easier to tackle harder projects when you’re not organized. Stagent helps you stay up to date with everything going on in your business without having to sort through every document physically. Having an organized booking system can help you plan for future bookings and look at what you’ve done in the past and help you optimize your strategy for the future.

6. Never lose a contact again

Stagent’s contact database allows you to look at everyone you’ve worked with in the past, allowing you to get in touch with the right people when you need to, instead of endlessly scrolling through your contacts looking for a name you entered into your phone quickly somewhere at 4 in the morning.

7. Help the planet by saving paper

As an artist, by switching over to Stagent, you can directly help the planet by removing paper from your bookings process. Promoters and agents can sign all contracts and riders inside the platform, so you never have to worry about losing a document, while at the same time directly reducing your carbon footprint.

8. Pick what suits you

With Stagent, you can start simple and scale up as you grow. The free artist account comes with some basic options and will prepare you for the full switch into the regular paid artist account once you’re ready. It’s always good to develop good organizational habits early!

9. Join a team that is on the front lines of innovation

The industry changes often, and that means that you need software that is created by a team that can adapt to these changes quickly. Stagent is on the front lines of innovation in this business and commits to staying ahead of the curve and offering the best experience possible. This is just the beginning of what Stagent will become.

10. Save 50% off for a lifetime on all Stagent products by being an early adopter

Artists that sign up for Stagent at Dancefair will receive a lifetime 50% discount on all Stagent products. Make sure to take advantage of this stellar deal, and sign up now.

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