8 must use tools to streamline your workflow

Nowadays, tools to optimize your workflow, automate boring stuff, and improve your communication are released daily. Picking these tools, learning about all their features, and comparing them, can be a frustrating and time-consuming task. That's why we've created a list full of tools that, in our opinion, are the best in their league.

App in the Air

App in the Air - Flights tracker. Flying and stress are often directly related. App in the Air is here to help a little by keeping track of all your flights intuitively. The app consists out of three main elements; Trips, Book and Profile.

The "Trips" section shows all your upcoming and past flights in a clear overview. All necessary details are there alongside some extras, like tips about the airports you're traveling through. In the "Book" section, you can book flights and hotels. When booked, the details are added to your account automatically. Last but not least, your profile shows all sorts of fun details; your total hours and miles/kilometers in the air, what countries you were in, what aircraft you flew in, and many more.


Dropbox - Online storage. Although we mention another solution below (G Suite has a built a competitor called Drive), Dropbox is absolutely worth mentioning if you already have email setup. Dropbox offers cloud storage, sharable with everyone who needs to get access to specific files.

Since their last big update, they made it possible to integrate with many external services like Adobe Cloud and Slack. The new Mac and Windows app made it easier to work together too. It now shows a timeline of all things happened with your files; files can have a dedicated to-do list and work natively with Google Docs and Microsoft Office. Dropbox is free up to 2GB. The first paid version offers 2TB for 10€ per month.


Franz- Messaging app. Franz is an app for Mac and Windows. It combines apps like Slack, Gmail, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, WhatsApp, Skype, Trello, LinkedIn, TweetDeck, WeChat, and many more, all in one app. You can even add custom sites with the paid plan.

‍You probably know the drill. Your browser is full of tabs; one-third of them are social platforms. Franz makes your computer organized by separating all these platforms into one dedicated app. This way, you'll stay focussed when browsing the world wide web. ‍


Slack - Team Communication. Nowadays, team communication travels over many different channels. Text messages, WhatsApp, Telegram, and of course, good old fashioned emails. To keep your team on the same page, a dedicated communication tool can come in handy. Slack is one of those.

‍With Slack you can keep all communication well organized in different channels. You can set up different channels for different teams, such as: new booking options, finance, socials, or simply a general channel to say good morning every day. Slack offers a free plan which suits many companies. The free plan is most likely sufficient enough to serve most of your needs.


‍Todoist - To-do app. There are a ton of to-do apps and sites out there. Over the past years, I've tried many, many to-do apps, take my word for it. The one that really stands out to me is Todoist.

Most to-do apps over-complicate things by adding all sorts of additional categories, workload views, required projects, complex workflows, and so on. Todoist does it differently. Just add stuff, give it a due date, and, if needed, add it to a dedicated project. With Todoist, collaboration is rather easy too, just invite someone else to a project, and that's it. Todoist can be used for free and has some nice premium features for only 3€ per month, paid yearly.


1Password - Password Manager. With 1Password you can store all your passwords (and other secret credentials like credit card info and software licenses) in one, very safe, place. It offers various ways to organize all your data so that you can find passwords quickly and easily.

‍Data within Stagent can be very sensitive. Out-of-the-box, Stagent is already secure; however, using a password manager like 1Password adds another layer of security. 1Password also offers native support for 2-factor authentication, which you can enable from within your personal settings in Stagent.


Front - Team inbox. With Front you can connect multiple email accounts and social accounts (like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Twitter) to one dashboard. Front is a support app; however, Front can also come in handy when different agents need to access the same inboxes.

With internal comments, everybody is on the same page of all the incoming messages. Front works with both G Suite and Office 365, and a full list of all supported integrations can be found here.

‍G Suite

G Suite - Email. This is a must have for every company. G Suite is simply the paid version of Gmail. The one key difference is that you can use it with your own domain name. Email is not the only advantage of G Suite; it also offers a variety of online tools like Calendar, Drive (like Dropbox), Docs, Sheets, Presentations, Forms, and many more. See their features overview for more info about its features.

Another cool addition to G Suite is that Stagent works with G Suite. You can log in (or sign up) with your G Suite account, and synchronize data (like calendars and contacts) between your G Suite account and Stagent account.

Side note: Stagent offers this integration for Office 365 too.

Your workflow is critical to your success, and we at Stagent hope that the tools we've shared with you will help you increase your productivity and reach your goals.

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