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Software for booking agencies, artists and managers in the music and entertainment industry.

Why Stagent

Software designed specifically for bookings

Any experienced professional knows that bookings are no easy task to handle on your own. Our mission is to increase your workflow and keep everyone in the loop by bringing them together on one platform.

Streamlined bookings

Keep all your bookings well organized and up-to-date, generate contracts and invoices for your clients and keep your team in the loop with automated task lists.

Automated itineraries

Flights change. So do itineraries. Stagent keeps track of all of the flights related to your booking. If they change, we update the data and notify everyone who needs to get notified.

Paperless workflows

Forget printing and scanning. Get your contracts and documents signed without a single print or scan operation, and save time in an eco-friendly way. Pretty cool, right?

Track your finances

Not only can you accept payments from promoters via Stagent, the software also helps you see how much you earn from each show, and how you’re doing overall financially.

Always improving

Your shows at your fingertips

We take the complex world of bookings and artist management while you focus on putting on the show of a lifetime. It’s time to become more efficient and put your focus where it really matters.

Work with your team

Stagent helps your team function as one unit by increasing the speed and quality of your communication when it comes to flight itineraries, riders, and other documents.

Handle all your bookings

From contracts to payment and beyond, Stagent handles every essential aspect of all your bookings along the way.

Stay in the loop

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