What music means to me

Imagine a world without music. It’s a dark thought, right? Whether you realize it or not, music has a huge impact on our lives.

Today, and every year on the 21st of June, we celebrate World Music Day. On this day, amateur and professional musicians perform in the streets of more than 1000 cities around the world. The goal of World Music Day is to promote music and to educate the world about the importance of music — a message which is deeply personal to me.

Music can be many things for me. It can be my world, it can be my drug, it can be my source of inspiration. Music is my friend, and sometimes even my therapist. For as long as I can remember, I have loved listening to music and it has always played a significant role in my life. Whether I’m listening to music on my headphones during work or at the gym, whether I play it loud over the speakers while driving my car, or use it as ambiance when relaxing at home, music is always there.

Music has the ability to change certain aspects of my world. Even when I’m sad, music helps me get through it. It accompanied me through the many phases of my life and made me the person I am today.

Not only do I like to listen to a large variety of genres, making music is my passion as well, from playing the drums to producing and performing electronic music as a DJ. Music is a way to express myself and to tell my story.

When I first started as a DJ, I spent far too much time on my bookings. In turn, I had less time for my passion, which was and is, to create music. This sparked my drive to create Stagent: ‘To create a platform that artists, DJ's and bands from all over the world use to reduce time spent on time-consuming tasks and instead spend their time doing what they love; making music.' With that in mind, let's schedule a call in my calendar. I would love to show you how we realized this vision and how we can help you manage your bookings.

Music is my identity.

Happy World Music Day! Mischa

PS: I asked the Stagent team about their favorite music and added it to this Spotify playlist.

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