What is artist management software?

There are a lot of factors at play when taking care of an artist's needs on and off the road. An artist has to get to the gig on time, face roadblocks that can significantly impact their (and their team's) well being if they aren't taken care of properly, and get paid. There is only so much that an artist's team can handle, and that's precisely where artist management software can help ease the workload.

Artist management software, such as Stagent, can save valuable time and brainpower on the road. Stagent strives to be a leader in artist management software and thus has given significant effort to make the most streamlined and modern platform for artists and their teams, providing updates in real-time. Regular occurrences like delayed/canceled flights get updated on the spot, allowing users to make on the spot decisions quickly and more accurately.

Bookings are the lifeline of an artist. Artist management software can help organize that lifeline in a way that simultaneously reduces stress and mistakes. By having all the information from the contract readily available, the booking agent, tour manager, and artist can optimize their workflow. Agents know exactly what artists and tour managers need on the road, and the rest of the team is brought up to date with what is happening in real-time. Meanwhile, the team back home can hold down the ship. ‍ An organized booking process directly adds value to a booking agency. By using artist management software, agencies can directly increase their quality of communication with artists and their teams while keeping all their documents in a central place. Booking agencies provide a unique, tailored service to the artist, and artist management software allows agencies to perform that service to their full potential. Stagent takes this one step further, allowing booking agents to make bookings directly in Stagent by sending electronic contracts. By keeping all the information in one place, artists and their team's internal communication benefit greatly.

Ultimately, artist management software sets an artist up for success. Music is a business that never sleeps and deals with a lot of moving parts. While artists and their teams are undoubtedly capable of handling them, the strain of logistics sometimes makes it difficult for them to do their actual jobs. The logistical challenges of this business can be overwhelming and stressful, but tools like Stagent can significantly reduce that stress.

The Stagent platform is live! Sparked your interest? Head over to the pricing page to find a plan that fits your needs and start a 30-day free trial or request a demo.

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