Finding the best flights for your artists

When your artists are on the road, finding good flights makes a huge difference. Whether your artists are trying to save while on the road or make their lives as convenient as possible, finding the perfect flight is the responsibility of any good booking agent. Fortunately, the tools available to us today allow anyone to fill the role of a travel agent from 20 years ago.

By using tools like Google Flights, Skyscanner or Momondo, you are able to sort flights by length of journey, amount of connections, arrivals and departures, et cetera. However, as we live in the 21st century, this shouldn’t be huge news to anyone in the music industry.

However, the way you use these tools is what makes the difference. Often, it's important to check every possible tool out there, as many of these flight search engines display different flights for different prices.

When you’re booking a flight for your artists, you’ll need to consider timing. Leaving ample time for delays is a must. Air travel is inconsistent and a late flight can result in a missed connection or a missed show. There is usually a sweet spot between having your artists spend hours at the airport and racing to make the show just in time - you just have to find it.

Of course, while this is the case most of the time, there will certainly be a few moments on a tour where a better connection isn’t possible. It is best to reduce these moments as much as possible, as travelling on tour is already very stressful for everyone involved.

The easiest solution is to find a direct flight whenever possible - it is generally worth the price.

It’s best to book with the same airlines and allow artists to earn miles and lounge access, increasing their status with the airline and creating a good relationship that makes the artist’s life easier on the road.

As strange as it may sound, booking good flights is a skill, and it’s certainly one that can be learned. Start by exploring and seeing what’s out there, and you’ll soon be an expert!

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