How do you become an extraordinary EDM artist?

So, you want to be a professional artist. Whatever element of the EDM world attracted you - the emotional tunes, the big crowds, or simply the fantastic vibe of everyone celebrating life as one, getting started can be a pretty daunting task. You see these guys touring the world and releasing music nonstop, and you probably think that there is a vast difference between you and them, but once you put your head to it, you’ll see that it’s something you can quickly achieve as well.

If you need some help launching your career, Stagent is here to give you some first tips on how to get started right!

Music is what makes this world go around. To be an artist, you need music, simple as that. Whether you make your own music, or you see yourself as a brand and want to hire a music producer, you as the artist need to be deeply involved in the process and understand what’s going on with your music. A true artist tells a story and accomplishes this through the tools at hand. There’s no shame in hiring a music producer (as long as you’re honest about it, of course). Still, it’s essential to keep in mind that classically, the most successful EDM artists are generally the ones that have a very involved role in their music production process.

Next up, you need a good brand and to translate this into an Electronic Press Kit, known to most in the music industry as an EPK. This includes your logo, press pics, all your songs, and social media links. Your EPK is the calling card that you send to people who want to book you (promoters). Make sure your EPK is flawless! You can read our full guide on making an EPK here.

Once you have your music and your brand in place, it’s time to create your social media strategy and start producing your content. Artists are known mostly for their music, but these days, an artist is also a character that people take around with them in their pocket. As you put yourself out there and express yourself uniquely, you will reach more people. Make sure you put thought into your posts and don’t just post random stuff for the sake of posting. It’s essential to send a clear, authentic message and give your audience enough information about yourself to become a living character in their heads. Be careful, though - what you say will stick with you forever, so make sure you do not alienate potential audience members through aggressive, extreme, and overly personal posts. If you must do that, save it for your personal social media channels, and even then, be aware that the internet never forgets.

Becoming a pro artist is, of course, so much more than what we discussed above. It isn’t a simple step by step process. Everyone must find their way and figure out their own path. Some elements remain consistent across the board - your music, your brand, and your content, but the way you translate them to your audience is what makes you stand out from the crowd. Think long and hard about your path, believe in yourself, and enter action with boldness.

Are you an artist and would like to arrange your own bookings? The Stagent platform is live! Head over to the pricing page to find a plan that fits your needs and start a 30-day free trial or request a demo.

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