Advancing with Stagent

In addition to handling the financial and legal aspects of your booking, the practical elements are also critical. This is called advancing - and it's usually a pretty hefty task. With logistics changing day and night, advancing effectively requires 24/7 availability and the ability to adapt to situations quickly. This is exactly where Stagent can save your team a lot of stress. So, what exactly is advancing? Let us explain the essential elements while demonstrating how Stagent can help you tackle this task.

In short, advancing is taking care of everything required to get the artist to perform at the show after the contract is signed. There are several universal elements of every show that advancing has to interface with, which we'll take you through.

From transport to accommodation, artist pick up, and a list of contacts for each event, Stagent has your advancing needs covered. This means that your entire team has access to the information they need for the booking to run as smoothly as possible, even while booking details change in real-time. Now, teams can focus on more critical tasks.

When an artist uses Stagent for their booking, all the trip details are conveniently located in the portal. An artist and their agent can access their airline, flight number, and times, all of which are updated in real-time. This means that late flights get updated instantly, keeping everyone on the team up to date as the logistics of a tour change. This also extends to rebooked and redirected flights. In addition to transportation details, Stagent also stores accommodation details.

Meanwhile, booking agents can access and update any relevant information in the backend as the tour progresses. Agents can also upload their artist’s important documents to Stagent, making sure they have easy access to their e-tickets, passport and visa, all conveniently stored in the platform.

Before a booking is made, Stagent automatically checks to make sure there are no scheduling travel conflicts, ensuring that tour schedules remain as stress free as they can for everybody.

Stagent will notify the artist when it's time to get picked up, and the artist can read all the venue details from the contract in the platform as well. Guests can be added to a guest list inside Stagent's advancing side, which are then shared with the promoter automatically, reducing communication errors with the artist's guests.

At the show, artists can view their set time and see any updates to their performance in real-time. Once the show is over, the artist can head back to the hotel and have tomorrow's itinerary ready for them.

Advancing is a task that requires a lot of real-time effort to handle correctly. This is why you should choose Stagent for your advancing needs, as a lot of these tasks are automated, and artists will be informed as soon as changes are made. Stagent is committed to being the next artist management software, and that means that we'll always be improving our features. We'll make sure that Stagent users have the most up to date portal for their advancing needs, and that they know that we're with them every step of the way.

The Stagent platform is live! Sparked your interest? Head over to the pricing page to find a plan that fits your needs and start a 30-day free trial or request a demo.

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