The steps to becoming a tremendous booking agent

One of the very diverse careers in the music industry is the job of the booking agent. Simply put, a booking agent is responsible for getting artists shows. The job requires nonstop, 24/7 focus and concentration as booking agents are in constant communication with promoters around the world. The job is a lot of work, but if it’s something you feel drawn to, then keep on reading. We’ve got some tips to get you started!

Let’s start with the basics - first and foremost, you need to understand the music and scenes you want to work in. Being a booking agent requires you to have an intricate network of promoters in your head at all times. Get started by researching the companies in your scene and learning the names of all the key players. The faster you develop this mental map, the quicker you’ll be able to work effectively in your style of music. You'll be amazed how small the world will become in no time.

A degree will help you significantly in your journey to becoming a booking agent. Having an education, even though it isn’t necessarily required with some companies or artists, will help you face problems with new perspectives. An education in music specifically isn’t necessary unless you want to work in the major music leagues, as a lot of the things that will come up while working as a booking agent are things you can only learn while dealing with them. Things are different in every music scene and in every country, so it's best to find some experienced people in your area and ask them for their recommendations.

The easiest way to get a job at a booking agency is to start with an internship. Agencies are always in need of help, so make sure that you have a good resume and know the scene you want to work in well. Just by having a few simple conversations with the right people, you could be on your way to the career of your dreams. An internship is best coupled with a mentorship. Finding likeminded people in the music world isn't hard - you just need to ask around until you find the right ones. Don’t stop looking and keep networking - if you want it, you’ll get it!

We hope that our tips help you with your music business journey. If you want to get ahead even more, take a look at our platform and get acquainted with it. Stagent is the next artist management software for artists and their teams. By knowing all about Stagent, you'll be a lot more valuable to any booking agencies you may want to work for.

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