5 tips to jumpstart your career as a DJ

Being an artist is hard work - and being a successful one is even more challenging. Many artists struggle to get themselves into the circles that they want to be in and get the gigs that they want. Sometimes, it may seem impossible to achieve your goals as an artist. While there is no sure-fire system that will ensure you get to the top, there are a few steps that you can take to increase your chances significantly. Want to know how? Keep on reading - these are our 5 tips to boost your career as an artist!

1. Production, production, production

You've heard it over and over, and it's definitely true - you have to make music production your primary focus if you want to succeed as an artist (unless you hire a ghost producer). Success always starts with the quality of the music, so commit yourself to become the best producer you can be. This means experimenting with different music styles and working out of the box - by exploring many paths, you'll pick up skills along the way which you can turn into your own personal toolbox for music production. Don't get lost in social media and lose yourself in comparing yourself to others - success always starts from within, and for an artist, that means in the studio! 

2. Develop your network

With the right network, you'll be able to get your music in the right hands quickly. This is why developing a good network is essential if you want to become more successful as an artist. To do this, you'll have to find a few people you want to meet, reach out to them, and make a good impression. At first, it will be challenging. Music is a very tight community, and people are often hesitant to let strangers in. Developing a solid network often takes years, so find the places that you need to be and the people you need to meet. If you remain authentic, hardworking but don't become annoying, you'll find that your network will grow relatively effortlessly. 

3. Don't procrastinate

Self-motivation is key to being a successful artist. Make sure you don't procrastinate and that you finish everything on time, if possible. Building good habits and driving forward progress is critical in this industry because things can often reach a standstill very quickly. With the right balance of perseverance and networking, you'll be able to drive change fast. Be ready to take new opportunities and to give them everything in order to excel at them. 

4. Create a collective

Accomplishing big things is always easier with a team, and music production is no exception. If you assemble a collective of producers, you'll all share production techniques and skills, as well as give each other feedback. This will reinforce your group's sound and quality over time. The best way to become a better producer is to collaborate with others and pick up their techniques, so don't shy away from collaborations. Over time, you'll find producers you click with and trust - it just takes a few tries. 

5. Be honest

The music world is full of people who disqualify themselves from the big leagues quickly by thinking that they can lie their way to the top. Most experienced music professionals can see through these people very quickly, so don't think that making up connections and dropping names will get you very far unless you can back it up. Ultimately, all you stand for are your accomplishments, and the last thing you want to do is create a disconnect between what you say and what the reality is. 

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