Should I have my own website?

If you’ve looked someone up, odds are that they have their own website if they’re a professional in some form. These days, a website isn’t an option or something cool to show off; it’s a necessity. Your website is your digital calling card, and having a correctly set up website can do wonders for your career if you’re an artist.

If you’re not sold on investing in your own website, keep reading - we’ve got some news for you!

When people look you up, it’s important that they can find all the information they need quickly. Whether its a fan looking for your next show, or a promoter looking to book you, you need to make their job as easy as possible when they are looking you up. A website is the easiest way to accomplish this. You don’t want someone to lose interest because it took them a while to get information about you since it’s selectively presented on different social media channels - give them what they want upfront!

Of course, a website should contain a tour schedule, contact page, and links to your socials - but it also needs to include a good biography. A bio sets up your story for those who look you up, so focus on making yours captivating. If your story isn’t decades-long, don’t write a lot of text - short and simple will do the trick here. To make your website extra efficient as an artist, have an easily accessible presskit available as a website and a PDF. This way, promoters can clearly see your achievements and pass the info between themselves effortlessly if they need to.

Having your own website also means that you can have an email associated with the URL. This is a great way to make your brand more professional, as most people who work at music companies have nice looking email addresses. You don’t want to be the one person with a Hotmail email in the chain!

Besides the basics, having your own website can help a lot with marketing. You’ll want to learn some SEO basics and make sure people can find you when they look you up on Google. Make sure to link to your website as much as possible when you post in other places! You can also install a Facebook pixel on your website, meaning that you’ll be able to retarget website visitors with ads on Facebook and Instagram. This can be very helpful when the targeting is done correctly, so it would be very beneficial to install a Facebook pixel right at the beginning. You can learn all about pixels here.

Of course, it’s essential to have a slick design if you want to stand out, both with your website and your artist brand. Put a lot of thought into your site and make sure it’s as attractive as possible - and don’t be afraid to ask for external help. Creating a professional brand on your own isn’t impossible, but it requires a lot of work and some guidance regardless.

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