How to grow your artist's social media channels

Let's face it - setting up new social media channels is a huge pain. Starting with no followers and a slow growing list is certainly no fun.

Regardless, this is a challenge that you, as an artist manager, need to face head on. So what can you do to keep your artist's social media growing? Check out our short guide on how to get started!

Post regularly

‍ Having consistent, quality posts is a huge must have for any channel that wants to grow. This is why you need to make sure your artists can actually produce the amount of content that they need to before you get serious with a social media strategy. Once you've ascertained that your artists have enough, it's time to think through a social media strategy. Remember, posting regularly doesn't mean posting every day - it means staying in touch with your audience. The best way to lose hype behind an artist is to run out of content after a successful marketing plan.

The best way to handle posting regularly is to always think ahead. Make sure your artists have plenty of tracks and unposted photos at all times, as well as original ideas for posts. You'll need them when things get slow.

Stay in touch with your audience

‍ Replying to every comment that fans leave may get tedious, but small things like that make a big difference for people who are following you. Of course, this strategy only works for a limited time before it gets a bit cheesy, but it's a great way to engage with your first few audience members. It's important to keep in mind that fans follow artists because they feel a certain connection to them. Social media can help you make that connection stronger. Reposting people's stories, liking their comments, and replying to their messages makes a big difference, and can help you sell tickets quickly when the time comes ‍

First impressions are everything

‍ When someone discovers your artist on social media, they will most likely go through their profile and check out their latest posts. This means that you need to keep in mind not only how your artist's posts look in your followers newsfeeds, but how your artist's profile looks to newcomers. Having a clean timeline helps get those followers more interested in checking out your posts, so don't get lazy and always make sure to regularly check what the pages you work with look like from the outside.

Secure strategic partnerships

Social media is full of people who can help you grow your accounts. It's a good idea to find other artists with bigger followings or brands to help bring you to their followers. Arranging interviews on social media and artist hangouts are great ways to help your artists grow and to bring them to new audiences. Always be on the lookout for how your artists can provide value to bigger accounts in exchange for some promotion!

Don't waste your money on ads

‍ Advertising works for sure, but these days, advertising has become very accessible, meaning it's easy to spend a lot of money without getting results. Make sure to learn all you can before spending any money on an ad campaign. Knowing the ins and outs of targeting different audiences will significantly increase the performance of your ads. Ads platforms are always changing how they do things, so learning how to advertise efficiently is a never ending learning process; best to start now!

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