5 platforms you need to be successful in music

Being an artist requires you to be omnipresent on the internet; fans need to be able to find you on all of their favorite platforms. Keeping track of all the new platforms isn't easy, but there are a few that you should absolutely have covered. Today, we're going to take it back to the basics and give you an easy checklist to make sure you've got the most popular and important platforms taken care of.

1. Spotify

In an age where CDs are a relic of the past and buying music is only for DJs, Spotify is the undeniable winner for the consumer. With access to almost every song every published, this is the platform that you should be focused on the most. By making sure that you pitch your music correctly to Spotify playlists, regularly promoting your releases and curating playlists of your own, you'll be on your way to setting up a solid foundation for your artist career.

Not only is Spotify a popular platform around the world, but it's also a platform that pays you. As an artist, any stream of income matters, so figuring out how to leverage your Spotify streams is something you absolutely need to figure out if you want to succeed in the digital age.

2. YouTube

YouTube may be an old platform, but it's just as powerful as ever. YouTube is accessible to more people than Spotify, and in a lot of cases will be how people discover you as a musician. Make sure that your YouTube channel looks nice and organized, and that your music is easy to find. Take some time to research tagging and the specifics of uploading videos to YouTube - you won't regret it!

YouTube is also a platform where you can earn some nice ad revenue, so be sure to monetize your music!

3. Instagram

As you probably already know, Instagram is now the "coolest" social media platform out there. It has taken over the social media landscape over the past years. It is a very difficult platform to grow on as a musician, so take this into mind if you don't see immediate success. It's important to take into account that Instagram is a platform where you can tell your story visually, and this kind of content generally performs the best. Having a nice looking Instagram is a must-do for any artist who is looking to get booked and grow.

4. Facebook

While much of Facebook's audience has moved to Instagram, many still use Facebook regularly as a news aggregation site and as a place to stay connected with people they've met over the years. Having a Facebook page that posts actively is still important, even though it may not seem like it. Lots of people still used the platform and haven't left.

It's important to remember that Facebook owns Instagram and that the two platforms have connected ads. This means that you can target people from your Instagram with Facebook ads, and vice versa. This can come in hand a lot, so learning the Facebook ads manager's ins and outs is a must.

5. Your own website

While many may consider social media as a replacement for their website, a website still comes in hand quite a lot when it comes to things like SEO. Many people will find you by your website, so having a clean site with all your info and a press kit will help you out a lot. With your own URL, you can also set up a personal email address under the website. You can also retarget people who visit your site on social media by using pixels!

Of course, hundreds of platforms cater to various audiences, so you'll have to do your own research and figure out what the best ones to invest in are. No matter what kind of music you're making, the 5 platforms we discussed above are critical for your success in the online world. Make sure you've got your bases covered!

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