10 reasons to start using our platform as an agency

The music industry is a complicated place. As an agency, your job is to make this complicated mess something easy for your artists to deal with. We all know to stay organized is an essential element of running a good agency, but we never actually think about how much conscious effort it takes to do this right. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could let all that take care of itself while you focused more brainpower towards creating value for your artists? This is exactly where artist management software comes in. Now, with Stagent, all that is possible. These are our 10 reasons why you, as an agency, should start using Stagent.

1. Get organized

Being organized always gives you an advantage. Stagent will organize your entire bookings process, giving you simple and easy access to every part of it with the click of a button.

2. All your artists in one place

Stagent makes it easy. Whether you’re a considerably large agency that manages a broad collective of artists, or if you’re making bookings for just a few, Stagent will help you keep track of what’s going on with your artists in one central location. No more searching for missing files or tour dates, everything is all in one place.

3. Handle all your contracts inside Stagent and save the planet

Stagent not only helps you stay organized but can also handle your contracts. Contracts are signed within Stagent, giving you total control over the process in an environmentally friendly & efficient way.

4. Send your invoices and receive payments in Stagent

After the contract is signed, Stagent allows you to send invoices and receive payments inside the platform itself. In the platform, you’ll be able to see how much you earned clearly, and you’ll be able to break down the costs of the booking to your artists easily.

5. Easily handle tour itineraries for all your artists

Planning tours is no easy task on its own. With an endless series of variables that can impact an entire tour, you want to make sure that you’re on top of your artist’s tour schedules when they are on the road. Stagent helps you by creating an easy to understand travel itinerary that is updated automatically when there are changes, keeping everybody in the loop and reducing your stress levels.

6. Improve communication between your agency, your artists and their teams

Anyone who has worked in the music business knows that strong communication is the key to success. Stagent helps you gain that extra level of communication with your team. Whenever challenges arise, everyone will be informed accordingly.

7. Maintain your connections

Stagent stores the information of everyone you do business with for easy access in the future. After every gig, data is saved and can be recalled later quickly. Simple as that.

8. Quick access to all relevant documents

Need to reference the contract for a tech rider discrepancy, or need to double-check a hotel booking confirmation? No worries - Stagent stores all the relevant documents for your booking alongside the contract, so you can get what you need when you need it.

9. Grow your agency with ore artists

Stagent allows you to scale your agency by adding more artists. It doesn’t matter whether you are a boutique agency with only a few artists or a massive company, Stagent has you covered for your artist management needs; simply pay for what you need.

10. Become part of a growing team that wants to serve you and grow with you

We are still growing and want to hear your input. We will work alongside you to ensure that we ultimately design the product that our customers need the most. Please let us know what features you’d like to see, and we’ll be sure to listen. All in all, Stagent is the artist management software solution for your agency.

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