Stagent is live!

Exciting news! Stagent announced the launch of its artist management platform today. Stagent's software became available to a select group of beta testers earlier this year - a few dozen booking agents used a test account for several months so that they could get to know the platform and give feedback.

With Stagent, booking agencies can work a lot more efficiently, which allows them to focus on what really matters to them. The sky is the limit - communication in real-time about travel itineraries on the go, management of contracts and payments in one place, organization of bookings and all the relevant associated documents, and an easy way to see the amount earned from each booking.

Stagent was conceptualized in 2020 and brought to life in 2021 by 27 year old entrepreneur Mischa Sigtermans. Mischa believes that artists and their teams should have as much time as possible to focus on the things that help them become better teams. Stagent makes this possible.

Head over to the pricing page to find a plan that fits your needs and start a 30-day free trial or request a demo.

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