Staying motivated as a music industry professional

Working in the music industry isn't easy. If you're in the business of booking or managing artists, you've probably figured this out for yourself by now.

Keep on reading - we've got some tips for you to stay motivated and to keep your eyes on the prize! ‍

1. Be realistic

Being realistic is the first step towards keeping a level head if the situation strikes your business. Remember to view all the facts about your business objectively and think about what's reasonable in the future. Right now, you may have to adapt your business strategy until the current situation is over. Don't stress out, and instead focus on leveraging what you have at hand. Those that will make it through this storm will do so with a stoic attitude and strong perseverance!

2. Keep innovating

Music is a creative business, and current times require innovative solutions. If you are already working with artists, you have a lot of valuable assets at hand. Brainstorm creative ways to present your artist's music to the world, and work with them to make sure they can stay as busy as possible while the event world is on hold. Even if that means arranging free live streams, the recognition your artists get will pay off in the future once things return to normal.

3. Set an example for your artists

Your artists are probably feeling the effects of the current situation harder than you. It's vital that you stay positive and set a good example for your artists. While it may be hard at first, bringing up their moods and keeping them motivated will intrinsically pay off. You'll feel a lot better if your team feels good alongside you, and that all starts with some leadership from your end.

4. Take time to focus on yourself

When things are going wrong and changing every day, it's easy to lose sight of important stuff, such as staying healthy and keeping your needs met. Don't forget to take time for yourself for both your mental and physical health. These are stressful times, and you'll be way more suited to approach them with a great attitude if your physical and mental health is in check. Don't let bad habits take over and make the situation even worse for you!

5. Stay connected to your network

You're not alone - we're all in this together. Everybody wants the industry to come back, and we all need each other to make it happen once possible. Keep in contact with your colleagues and promoters. Even a small check-in from time to time will help you keep your agency front and center in their minds when the time comes to throw events again. Besides your artists, your network is your most valuable asset as a booking agent. Don't forget that!

6. Start planning some shows

Even if there's a good chance, the shows won't happen, an excellent way to keep in contact with promoters is to continue offering artists and working on events without set dates. People will want events to come back. Your job working for an artist is to be right there when everything comes back and to make it all happen. You and your artists will quickly start to feel more motivated in the future.

7. Get closer to your artists

While you may have a business relationship with your artists, it's crucial to remain in touch with them and make sure they feel comfortable. This could be an opportunity to get to know your team better, which will benefit everybody even more down the line. Artists often feel intimidated by their agents, so make sure to make the first move and see if anyone wants to have a chat that goes beyond your work lives.

8. Commit to positivity and take the time to get ahead

These are tough times, but you will help yourself out a lot by committing to stay positive. By viewing this situation as an opportunity to get ahead, you're setting yourself up for success. Of course, stay realistic, but don't be negative either. By finding the balance between realism and positivity, you'll be able to hit the sweet spot where you can make your agency's potential shine.

We hope these tips helped you view the current situation a bit differently, and that they'll help you with your agency during these wild times, and beyond. If you haven't checked out our artist management software platform. By switching to our platform, you'll set your agency up for success once our industry returns. Stagent will help you stay organized, handle your payments and travel itineraries, and will always be adapting and improving as per your needs. If you have any questions or comments, don't be a stranger and let us know!

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