Keeping your team efficient in the music industry

Teamwork makes the dream work... but only when a team is working together efficiently. Especially in the music industry, it happens all too often for teams to come up with great ideas and momentum to fizzle out because they didn’t work as efficiently as they could have.

So, what are some things you can do to keep your team as efficient as possible, so that you can stand out in this industry?

The first thing you can do is to make sure that you have regular meetings with set agendas. While many teams may have regular meetings, if someone isn’t clearly leading the meeting through the talking points that need to be discussed, sessions will be unnecessarily long and social, ultimately becoming very unproductive. The music industry is especially prone to this, so watch out.

If you want your project to have momentum, a team meeting every week will help you achieve this quickly. Frequent team meetings keep everyone accountable for their tasks and allow for all non-urgent issues to be addressed regularly in an organized way. If this isn’t something you’re doing already, you will undoubtedly see a boost in your team’s efficiency already if you put just this one principle into play.

Before your next meeting, take some time to compile an agenda with everything your team is dealing with. Send your agenda out to the team and ask them for input so that you leave no stones unturned. Once you come up with a good agenda, stick to the format for all upcoming meetings. You’ll immediately see your meetings become much more efficient!

With efficiency comes time management, and that’s another element many teams struggle with. Effective time management is key to your team’s success, so it’s essential to make sure your team doesn’t waste time on the unimportant stuff and get burned out by the time the important things come along.

To improve your team’s time management, your whole team needs to clearly know what tasks they are responsible for and which ones are the most important. Let them know what items are not worth spending a lot of time on so that they are aware and not overwhelmed in case a lot of work comes up at once.

Team efficiency is linked to team spirit, which can be built through shared experiences. If possible, set up times for your team to get to know each other. Even the smallest interaction can help create a connection that will bring value to your team. After a while, all those strong interactions will create a robust network built on trust, knowledge, and shared experiences.

In addition to helping your team get to know each other, you should also take the time to get to know your team members well. Having a strong personal relationship with every team member will help the team spirit grow. The more tightly knit a group is, the better they are at communicating with each other. This is a lot easier in the music industry, as most people join teams of companies they already look up to, believe in, and want to be involved with.

While there are hundreds of thousands of pages of literature on how to build a strong team, this short list should sum up most of the bottlenecks you’ll encounter when working with a team in the music business. Remember, this is always a learning process for everybody, so try to view it with an open mind!

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