Making an excellent social media strategy in 2021

These days, an artist is so much more than a musician. Now, an artist is essentially an entire company, and that comes with a lot of duties and responsibilities. Not only do you have to have great music, but you have to be a stellar marketer with a clear vision. One of the hardest parts of being a professional artist in this day & age is the fact that social media is such a competitive landscape. Everyone is trying to make their content more exciting and engaging than the next person’s, and that makes for a challenge if you’re just starting out. Don’t worry - our tips on posting as an artist will give you some knowledge to enter the game with confidence.

First and foremost, you need to come up with your own style of writing. Whether you like to write in all caps, lowercase, or use a bunch of emojis or hashtags, you need to think this through and create a persona for yourself. Along with that comes a selection of keywords and emotions you want to communicate, as well as the length of your messages. These days, shorter posts do a lot better than longer ones, unless you have something significant and complicated to explain. Consider how you would come across to someone who just found your account and try to place yourself in their shoes. Is who you are and what you stand for clear?

Next up, you need to think about the types of content that you want to post. Most of the time, this will fall into one of three major categories - photos, videos, and graphic design (there’s a lot of crossover between these categories). With all three categories, you’ll want to make sure your posts look similar and uniform in style and what they convey. Having a set group of photographers, videographers, and graphic designers will be very helpful here, especially if they know each other. Make sure that you’re not posting content for content’s sake, and that you have a clear idea or reason behind posting something.

Finally, you’ll need to figure out how often you post. This can be very different from artist to artist. If you’re on tour a lot, this is pretty easy to post a lot, but if you’re starting out, you’re going to need to be a lot more creative to come up with regular content on that level. Figure out what works for you, and remember that you don’t need to post every day to make a big impact. As long as you have good music and an authentic message that you convey well, you’ll be fine.

With these three essential tips, you’ll be able to craft your own social media strategy in no time and get started on taking your social media pages to the next level. It doesn’t stop here, though - you can always go more in-depth and look at more creative ways to reach different audiences. Once you get the basics down, the rest will fall into place easily.

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