Are livestreams the future of music performance?

For several years already, livestreams have become a regular fixture of music performance. Whether you’re an artist who’s touring the world, or just someone starting in their bedroom, livestreams are an effective way to reach your audience instantly. Major music festivals have been livestreaming their sets for several years now, which have done wonders for their marketing. Content from festivals like Tomorrowland or Defqon.1 has exploded online, bringing the festival worldwide to audiences who may never have the chance to experience it. However, recent developments with the Coronavirus/COVID-19 have forced artists to undertake professional quality streaming on their own.

With the lack of gigs to play, artists have to be resourceful in making sure that they maintain their online audiences. In 2019, artists doing personal livestreams were still somewhat of a niche. Many didn’t find it necessary given all of the live performances and stress of tour life. The absence of shows has driven the livestream world into overdrive. What was once a niche, fun option has now become a necessity for artists to get their message out there. Promoters are also hopping on to the trend in a new way. In lieu of cancelled shows, livestreams have filled the void.

So what does this mean for you if you are an artist? Well, the answer is quite clear - you have to learn how to stream. Even after the situation ends, livestreams will most likely remain a staple in the music business. With everyone on the internet accessible to you at your fingertips, growing your following has never been easier. With services like Twitch & Streamlabs, you can set up a stream and go live within minutes.

You’re probably asking yourself, “How do I stand out from everybody else if everyone is doing it already?" That’s the question everyone is asking themselves now. The great thing about that question is that there are limitless answers. Put yourself to the test and have some brainstorm sessions. Once you wrap your head around the technology and how livestreams work, the ideas will come flowing in.

As an artist, the power is in your hands to grow your audience. Watch some livestreams from other artists to get inspired and start from the ground up. It’s a learning process like anything else, and you’ll be able to pick it up within minutes with some focus and determination. Get out there, and good luck.

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