Amsterdam Dance Event 2021

Amsterdam Dance Event is back, baby! The world’s largest electronic music industry networking event returns to Amsterdam this week. Although the event is somewhat smaller than previous years due to the uncertainty behind COVID, the city is still nonetheless in full swing ADE Madness. The signature yellow banners line the streets, and official ADE backpacks are everywhere!

DJ Mag revealed their top DJs in their famous Top 100 ceremony, which was crowned once again by David Guetta. Alongside the standard large events that ADE is known for, some of the true magic of ADE lies in the smaller parties, where guests can see famous artists in intimate settings.

If you’re in Amsterdam this week, make sure to check out ADE’s official website, where a full program can be found that is spread across all sorts of different venues around Amsterdam. No matter your style of dance music, you’ll be able to find something that suits your fancy at ADE.

In addition to the notorious and arduous multi-day party program, ADE is also a place for industry professionals to meet, learn, and network. Experts in dance music from all over the world flock to Amsterdam for this special week to share their experiences. If you’re someone who’s seriously interested in a career in dance music, then some of these panels are definitely the place for you!

Although this year’s edition is smaller and didn’t have the opportunity to be organized to its full potential, it’s fantastic to be back on the streets of Amsterdam this October with the dance music community once again. We already can’t wait for next year!

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