15 inside tips to help reach music industry success

The music world is a complicated place for young starters. The industry is unique in many ways, and this can be confusing to newcomers. With this list, we’re giving 15 tips every young music industry professional can put to use.

1. Find people you trust

This is the most important thing in the music business. You need to find like minded people that you trust to take this journey with. A team you can trust is something you can't go without.

2. Learn social media inside and out

Social media is where the industry lives now. Stay up to date with all the trends and make sure you know what the next big thing in the social media world is.

3. Be punctual

The music business isn’t known for its punctuality. This is exactly why being on time regularly will help you reach success. It’s good to show you care!

4. Develop your communication style

Your network is everything to you, so make sure that you know exactly how you communicate and how people perceive you. Make every interaction personal!

5. Learn about those who inspire you

Read the stories of people that came before you and inspired you. You never know, your story might inspire others in the future the same way!

6. Brainstorm with your friends

Music is a creative world after all. Have fun and brainstorm with your friends and colleagues occasionally, even if nothing comes from it. It’s good for you!

7. Take care of yourself

This industry works during the week and parties all weekend long, giving very little time for personal care. Make sure to take some nights and weekends off to love yourself.

8. Learn Photoshop basics

Even a basic skill level in Photoshop will help you a lot. You never know when you have to change an artwork on a tight schedule when designers aren’t available.

9. Streamline your communication by using Telegram

Telegram is a free alternative to WhatsApp that gives added functionality. Share big files with your team easily and access unlimited cloud storage both on your computer and in your pocket.

10. Get experience with industry software

Knowing how software for the music industry (like Stagent) works will benefit you greatly in the music industry. Make sure to take any opportunity you get to try it out, and watch tutorials online to learn some more.

11. Check in with your network to maintain it

Meeting cool people in the music world is easy, but you need to make sure you keep those relationships. Check in with people from time to time and see where you’re both at - it’s all part of maintaining your network.

12. Be responsive & engaged

This one seems like a no-brainer, but should be said anyway. Make sure you’re responsive & engaged when meeting people! You’ll be amazed at how quickly things can fall into place.

14. Work out

Working out goes beyond taking care of yourself. Mixing music business with fitness is a great way to connect more with your colleagues, and of course to improve your health.

14. Don’t take it personally

The music world is a wonderfully weird and entertaining place, but when things get serious, it's important to not take issues personally. Take a deep breath and focus on what matters.

15. Shoot for the stars

The sky's the limit! You never know what's possible until you try. Don’t get discouraged when things aren’t going your way, and stay focused on the goal.

The music business is a tough but fun place. We hope you found our tips helpful, want to thank you for reading our list and wish you the best of luck in your music endeavours.

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