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Do I REALLY need an artist manager? (Be honest)

Do you need an artist manager? Read our guide on artist management and if it's the right thing for you now.

Mischa Sigtermans

· 3 mins read

When you are an artist who is ready to take your business to the next level, it’s time to seriously consider getting an artist manager. What exactly is an artist manager though? What qualities should they have, and what is the right time to take one on? Keep on reading, and we’ll give you a quick rundown of how this works.

The relationship between an artist and a manager is developed over time through shared experiences and projects, but how do you know if a person is a good fit for this role? An artist manager is responsible for taking care of your business while you focus on making music and developing your brand. This means that you should be comfortable having anyone you bring on as an artist manager represent you fully. They will carry on your message to others, and for them to do that, you need to put your full trust into them.

When you put your full trust into someone, that means you trust them to handle things with you even asking about them. Make sure that any prospective candidates are responsive and reliable people who give you a good feeling, and be careful when someone promises you the world. A good artist manager is realistic about what is possible, but also motivates you to consistently go above and beyond. It’s a difficult balance, but ultimately the right artist manager will know how to walk the line.

Although it may seem like a logical step, the added costs of bringing someone on to your team are something to consider. Is the workload so large that you need someone elses help? If you are not playing shows regularly but want an artist manager, a good compromise is to find a friend who you trust to help you out, and to make an agreement with them about the future. Build your relationship and skills together until you’re able to start paying for their time. Since you both start from the same position with the same goal in mind, the team grows stronger and becomes more valuable over time.  Everyone had to start somewhere, and picking up all the relevant skills in the digital age is easier than ever before.

Ultimately, an artist manager can help you grow your business as an artist. Seriously evaluate where you are as an artist and ask yourself if you actually need to hire somebody to take on a serious workload, or if you need a friend to brainstorm with and help grow your project until you’re both getting paid. Either way, adding more perspectives to your team is a great way to keep your project in check and to stay motivated.

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Do I REALLY need an artist manager? (Be honest)

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